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11/30/2015 | Park La Brea News Beverly Press

On Nov. 18th, Jewish World Watch (JWW) will present its Global Soul Award to the four members... Read more »

Janice Kamenir-Reznik and Zev Yaroslavsky write about why the United States cannot shut it’s doors to Syrian... Read more »

THOUSAND OAKS, Calfi. – While Temple Etz Chaim in Thousand Oaks opened its doors to charitable activities... Read more »

10/15/2015 | The Jewish Journal/The Jewish World Watch Blog: One Life at a Time

Each New Year brings new opportunities. I’m proud to say that Jewish World Watch (JWW) has wasted... Read more »

10/07/2015 | The Jewish Journal

With the number of Syrian refugees climbing above 4 million, local Jewish organizations are taking note and... Read more »

Will Recant pulls both heartstrings and purse strings for a living. As the head of the Jewish... Read more »

09/18/2015 | The Jewish Journal

This past year, my congregation at Valley Beth Shalom – and the greater Jewish community – lost... Read more »

09/01/2015 | Kehilla

Featured article: You can transform the world. Read more »

In 2004, Janice Kamenir Reznik was considering retirement from a successful career  as an environmental lawyer when... Read more »