"Make Dinner Safer," a gift of the Righteous Conversations Project
This PSA was gifted to Jewish World Watch to support the Solar Cooker Project. It was created by Righteous Conversations Participants Harry Davids, Rebecca Hutman, Nick Lieberman, Tamar Shine, and India Wilson in December 2012. We send our deep gratitude to the whole team at Righteous Conversations for creating this beautifully stark and tremendously moving piece. Visit them at righteousconversations.org. JWW plans to use this PSA to launch an upcoming Solar Cooker Project campaign.  It will be a great tool for all of our activists!

KCET Jewish American Heritage Month: Janice Kamenir-Reznik, Local Hero-1:26 min
Zev Yaroslavsky Reel from Global Soul-5:05 min
Rabbi Schulweis’ Remarks at Global Soul-13:35 min
Zev Yaroslavsky’s Acceptance Speech at Global Soul-11:59 min
Hear Her Voice Promo-1:15 min
I Witness VI: Wherein John Prendergast, Luis Moreno-Ocampo and Rabbi Schulweis get nicknames-1:31 min
I Witness VI: In closing, thank you and a call to action from Janice Kamenir-Reznik-9:38 min
I Witness VI: Welcome from JWW Co-Founder Janice Kamenir-Reznik-3:10 min
I Witness VI: A Word from our Co-Sponsors, AJWS and Women for Women International-6:28 min
I Witness VI: Rabbi Wolpe’s Remarks and Presentation of Award-7:05 min
I Witness VI: Malkah Schulweis’s Remarks-9:15 min
I Witness VI: Interview Part 1-22:46 min
I Witness VI: Interview Part 2-24:49 min
I Witness VI: Luis Moreno-Ocampo’s Remarks-21:13 min
Global Soul 2009 – Tracey A. Leigh performs scene from “In Darfur”-00:47 min
Global Soul – Rabbi Schulweis on Prophet Joel-00:58 min
Global Soul 2009 – Rabbi Schulweis-00:25 min
iWitness 2009 – Congolese Choir-04:31 min
iWitness Awards 2009 – Presenting Lisa Jackson with Award-14:30 min
iWitness Awards 2009 – Janice Kamenir-Reznik Giving Speech-03:47 min
iWitness 2009 – Speeches-21:23 min
“Make Dinner Safer,” a gift of the Righteous Conversations Project-1:23 min
Solar Cooker Project Group in Chad-00:12 min
Refugee Women Wearing Solar Cooker Tshirts in Chad-00:18 min
Congo – Dr. Georges’ Perspective-01:09 min
Darfuri Children Start Over in Israeli Schools-01:38 min