Local Projects
Student Activism
From our innovative Activist Certification and Training (ACT) program to our work with local schools and summer camps, JWW offers young leaders the tools they need to become powerful and effective activists .
Political Action
Whether we’re taking to the streets at our rallies, vigils and the annual Walks to End Genocide or meeting with national and international political officials, JWW works to remind our leaders that ending the crises in Sudan and Congo are priorities they must share.
Community Events
JWW has been an integral player in educating the public about Sudan and Congo. Our events and speaking engagements build awareness about the crises in Sudan and Congo and mobilize thousands of community members each year towards action.
Completed On the Ground Projects
Economic Development
JWW works to help survivors of genocide and mass atrocities rebuild their lives through projects that not only provide relief, but restore dignity, develop vocational skills and create opportunities to improve their communities' economies.
The futures of Sudan and Congo are in jeopardy unless their children are given the tools to thrive and adults gain the skills to restructure their society. JWW's projects support the health and well-being of the Sudanese and Congolese, offering them the supplies that meet their basic needs and programs that provide for their future growth.
Health & Safety
Conflicts such as those in Sudan and Congo can leave long-lasting trauma, both physical and psychological. JWW provides safe, protected places, from schools to medical facilities, where children and adults in Sudan and Congo can heal and create community. Funding for and communal investment in much-needed medical aid and supplies empower survivors to manage their own health and sanitation.