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Current Campaigns

JWW works to demand responsibility from world leaders and ultimately, to share our vision of a world without genocide.  Find more ways to get involved here, or give us a call at 818.501.1836.

Sudan: Obama Administration is AWOL on Sudan Policy!
500,000 Darfuris have been attacked and displaced since Obama took office, and the Nuba of the Blue Nile and South Kordofan regions have been bombarded by bombs and driven from their homes.  Now in his second term, many of us have been asking: where have our President’s lofty promises gone? Join us in demanding from our leaders: Don’t be AWOL on Sudan!

Email the President, and tell him “Don’t be AWOL on Sudan!”

Congo: End the use of Conflict Minerals
We use computers, cell phones, and a plethora of other electronics daily. But the trade in tin, tantalum, tungsten, and gold – key minerals used in these products – is funding the deadly war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Join JWW in urging electronics companies to trace their supply chains and produce conflict-free products!

Take Action!