With each step you take at the Walk, you shelter a child, provide a woman with the means to support her family, or give a man the tools to change how his society treats women. With each step, you take a stand against genocide.
JWW delivers life-saving, innovative, on-the-ground support to those most affected by the violence in Sudan and eastern Congo. JWW works with qualified partners to identify and develop projects that improve lives quickly, increase safety effectively and, perhaps most importantly, empower survivors to build a better future. We aim to offer a holistic package of opportunities and services to the most vulnerable populations in Sudan and Congo-- as such, many of our projects meet multiple goals. Unlike many support organizations, JWW makes periodic trips to bear witness to the issues, talk with survivors and evaluate the effectiveness of our projects. JWW projects focus on three main areas:
Women and girls suffer disproportionately during conflict. During conflict, ordinarily preventable or treatable conditions can easily turn into life-and-death situations. The experience of genocide and mass atrocities leaves long-lasting trauma that can hamper future growth and development. JWW works to maintain the health of survivors.
Economic Development

JWW works to help survivors of genocide and mass atrocities rebuild their lives through projects that not only provide relief, but restore dignity, develop vocational skills and create opportunities to improve their communities' economies.

The futures of Sudan and Congo are in jeopardy unless their children are given the tools to thrive and adults gain the skills to restructure their society. JWW's projects support the health and well-being of the Sudanese and Congolese, offering them the supplies that meet their basic needs and programs that provide for their future growth.
Health & Safety

Conflicts such as those in Sudan and Congo can leave long-lasting trauma, both physical and psychological. JWW provides safe, protected places, from schools to medical facilities, where children and adults in Sudan and Congo can heal and create community. Funding for and communal investment in much-needed medical aid and supplies empower survivors to manage their own health and sanitation.

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