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Join the Movement!
Temple Aliyah ACT Group at their Fast for Darfur, 2009

JWW’s Activism Certification and Training program (ACT)

Through this program, young people can earn certification as official JWW Youth Activists by learning the skills of education, advocacy, and development first-hand. Working in Activist Circles, JWW youth activist clubs that have formed at various high schools and middle schools throughout California, students commit to completing three projects throughout the year: one each in the themes of Education, Advocacy, and Development. Over the year, these dedicated students are empowered with the tools and skills they need to advocate for positive change.

Want to start an ACT club at your high school?

Download the ACT Handbook:
ACT Handbook

Photos of JWW Youth ActivistsPast Student Activist Projects

ACT 13!

JWW has launched a new program for B’nai Mitzvah students, ACT 13! Through a unit of six lessons implemented in religious schools, students learn the skills of Education, Advocacy, and Development and earn opportunities to practice their new skills first-hand.

Download ACT 13 Materials:

ACT13! IntroductionACT13! Lesson 1ACT13! Lesson 2ACT13! Lesson 2 – PowerPoint ScriptsACT13! Lesson 3ACT13! Lesson 4ACT13! Lesson 5ACT13! Lesson 6ACT13! Save The DatesACT13! Evaluation Form


Summer Camp Programs

Each year JWW reaches out to young people attending area summer camps to engage them in action on the crises in Sudan and Congo.

  • Act Out Loud (2007): Harnessing the power of music to encourage action by summer campers; this program led to the contribution of over 1000 letters to then-President Bush.
  • Day in the Life (2008/2009): An innovative program in which campers experienced and explored some of what it means to live as a refugee.
  • Sister Schools (2009): JWW connected campers with Darfuri refugee children in the Djabal refugee camp in Chad, recording video messages of hope and support to the Darfuri children and helping to raise money to build schools through our Sister Schools project.
  • Activist Boot Camp (2010): JWW is training campers in how to take action to help end the conflict in Congo!

Photos and videos of past Summer Camp ProgramsDownload materials from the 2007 Act Out Loud tour


ACT Koleinu- “Your Voice”

ACT Koleinu works with various Jewish youth group organizations to engage the Jewish youth voice. Through BBYO, NFTY, USY, NCSY, and Orange County’s Tallit program- young Jews build skills in activism and discover that their voice can indeed change the world.

Youth Group Programs

The Refugee Experience


College Engagement

Jewish World Watch partners with various colleges to bring cultural and influential programs to their campuses.

JWW launched a University Fellows program in the 2011-2012 school year.  Each fellow is the JWW organizer on campus, educating and engaging their peers about these causes and implementing programming to expand the reach of JWW.  Meet our fellows!

With the traveling “Congo NOW!” Photography Exhibit, students can get a sense of life in Congo and educate their campuses about the crisis situation.

When college students host an education, advocacy, and develo0pment project on their campus they can receive the “Partner in Action” certification from Jewish World Watch.

If you are interested in engaging your community in any of these activities or for more information, please contact Mina Rush, Jewish World Watch’s Community Resource Director at or 818.501.1836